The Software Garden

Growing a native forest,
growing an international e-commerce and software business in New Zealand.
Paul Grey, The Author

I grew up in an orcharding family at Waerenga-a-hika in the middle of the Poverty Bay flats. Rich soil, hot summers, Young Nick’s Head, clear skies and millions of stars at night, the Raukumara and Wharerata ranges defining the skyline all around, the Waipaoa River in winter flood.

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The Software

“The Software” is really “the business”. My company World Wide Access takes great New Zealand products into big markets overseas and sells them on-line. This includes on-line sales direct to consumers, and on-line wholesale to retail stores.

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The Garden

The ‘garden’ is 5 acres of former dairy farm. We moved here in January 2010 and I’m gradually landscaping the property using New Zealand native trees and shrubs, with the ambition that one day, when the trees are grown, I’ll have a leafy, shady, mossy patch of New Zealand native bush to call my own.

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